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Bjørn Studio

Welcome to Bjø, an interior design blog about contemporary urban living. This blog will offer advice to anyone who wants to transform their home.  Whether you want to create a stylish place for entertaining, personalize a new apartment, or create an oasis in the city, this blog will help you amp up your style.

Innovation in technology, communication, and commerce are creating new, exciting possibilities in design:  design is everywhere, its accessible, and being design-savvy is now the status quo. This blog will help you sort through design now, strengthening your sense of style, while helping you make more cohesive, site-specific decisions. Over the coming weeks and months, I will explore:

•inhabit: survey interior spaces that have style, and step inside the process as I design my own home

•the moment: what’s going on right now in design, and what new ideas might be around the corner

•knowledge:  conversations with experts in their field to gain inspiration and practical advice

•elements: a survey of products and services that will help you embrace design

•here/there: investigate new stores, art, and lifestyle trends both here in San Francisco and afar

At heart I’ll strive to question: what is possible for modern urban life now. The constant throughout this blog will be my passion for sharing ideas, and the belief that beautiful and truly personal spaces nourish the soul. I hope you will join me on this journey!

David Bjørngaard

p.s. See the About section to learn of my academic and professional experience, including design industry accreditation.

Source images from Jean de Merry, mirrors; Arne Bang, vases; Pantheon oculus; Bjørn Studio, kitchen; Charlotte Perriand & le Corbusier, cabinet; other interiors, unknown

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