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Fog Art+Design

A curated collection of art and design will be presented at Fog Art+Design show this weekend at Fort Mason Center, January 17-19. If you are curious about what high-end-designers are interested in now, check this show out. If you are interested in what the richest collectors are buying, this highly selective show offers a glimpse into this world. The show offers a philosophy of design focused on edited collecting and thoughtful purchases emphasizing: authorship and the individual creator; uniqueness; craft and technique; hand-made versus mass-produced. This philosophy can apply to almost any price-point (even if the show is rarified), and is being embraced by a new generation. A show like this helps to train your eye, so that you can pick out the really great pieces amongst all the stuff out there in the world. It also helps one learn how to stylishly display our own personal and prized treasures.

There will be a wide range of large and small items on display, including wearable jewelry, functional furniture and purely sculptural items, all selected to please the aesthete in you. If you have less than $1000 to spend, then you may only find a handful of items (including some stunning jewelry). Many of my local favorite galleries will be exhibiting, so go meet these gallery dealers yourself, and discover how they make these city a source for great design. Notable will be chance to discover out-of-town galleries, including:

David Bjørngaard, January 2014

Images: Anne Fischer and Jeff Zimmerman at R 20th, Hostler Burrows.

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