A woman walks past a painting titled "Ur

This is the time when we learn of the new on-trend colors for the year. These colors are determined in the preceding year, as industry experts study contemporary culture to determine what will be the next big hit. Color forecasting is used by companies, including fashion and interior designers, to create stuff for us to buy. We’ll be pushed shirts in purple, pillows in pastels, and paint in soft, grayed-out hues. Trends effect WHAT is available to buy at the store for those of us who do not have everything custom-made. Emerald Green is so 2013, so you’ll see less of it.

Damien Hirst’s famous Dot paintings celebrate the idea that there are no ugly colors. While the paintings seem simple, we can enjoy the emotional response these child-like-fun paintings evoke, and enjoy the adjacent color combinations, learning to combine elements and color in unexpected ways. Hirst’s career has been about originality, inspiration, and luck, while questioning the relationship between authorship (Damien Hirst’s idea) and craftsmanship (an assistant’s hand in making the paintings). Take some good ideas and incorporate them into your life, whether you do the work yourself or outsource.

“Art comes from everywhere. It’s your response to your surroundings.” Damien Hirst

David Bjørngaard, February 2014



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