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Color Trends

I love vintage color catalogs for homes, cars, and appliances. I have stacks from the 1920’s to 1970’s. These are snapshots of where we were and where we are going. There were the exuberant Flapper 20’s and the earthy 1970’s. All these colors reflect a general mood of the public as analyzed by designers and industry, and marketed to the public in the form of paint, appliances, cars, furniture and clothes. What is on trend is what is in the stores now. It’s one way future generations will remember us, as they comb through the flea markets!


So what about the colors for 2014. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a mission hipster, a downtown urbanite, a outer-avenues locavore. I say to follow your own sense of color, chosing colors that resonate with you, whatever the color. Knowing the trends allows you to fold your own preferences into the current zeitgeist. Add a little on-trend color and your home will feel modern, projecting a confident, cool, and informed inhabitant.

Here are a couple of the options:

-Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color if the year. If you love this color, this is the year to go all-in. Add a couple of pillows, or a dark purple entry hall or powder room, and you’ll be on-trend.


Paola Lenti sofa

-Black. Mix together shiny black and matte black, rough and smooth. Black makes a small room dramatic, and adds contrast to a white or neutral room. Black is classy, like timeless dressing…it’s unlikely to go out of style.

-pastels. A softer take in the 70’s and 80’s. Pastels will soften the weight of heavy furniture and textures. Check out Edelman Leather’s metallic pastels, and furniture from CB2. If you not up for a whole room, add some pillows or art work


Language school by Masquespacio architects.

-mauve and fleshy tones. Wait…the 80’s are coming back.


Here is one of my favorite sayings about color, which should guide all of us in choosing color.

“There are no ugly colors, just ugly applications of color.”  Josef Albers

Images:  Flos pendant, Paola Lenti sofa, Veronese lamp, Marsotto lamp, Nicole Hollis, Artek chair, storefront, Edelman Leather, Masquespacio Interior.

David Bjørngaard, February 2014

P.S. I wanted to publish this post in early January, but life and foot surgery got in the way…now here’s to hitting my new stride with posting!

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