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Spritz and cichèti

Aperol Spritz in Venice

Aperol Spritz in Venice

To feel like you are in Venice (or Rome) just make a tall ice-cold Spritz. It is the perfect summer drink: easy to make, and easy to sip in the sun (or San Franciso’s fog). Here’s how:

Ingredients for one


1 large green olive, drained of brine (do not use the olives stored in oil)

75 ml dry white wine or Prosecco (about 3 shot glasses)

50 ml Aperol (about 2 shot glasses)

Splash of soda water

1 slice of lemon (or orange)

Take a large timber and fill it with ice. Add the olive onto a cocktail skewer and put into the glass. Combine the Prosecco and Aperol (in a 3 to 2 ratio) with a splash of soda water in the glass, and garnish with lemon or orange.

The making of a spritz.

The making of a spritz.

If you want to immerse yourself further into a world of Venetian drink and food, get the book Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (of sorts) and soon you will be sensing Venice for yourself. If you are hungry, make a few cichèti (something like a tapas: a small snack, or a meal) to have along with your Spritz, and you will have a lovely afternoon.

Polpo is a great source for Venetian cooking.

Polpo is a great source for Venetian cooking.

David Bjørngaard, June 2014


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