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Snapshot #12

Here is a good excuse to get to the Presidio, one of San Francisco’s treasures, this September to enjoy the beautiful weather: Tree Fall by artist Andy Goldsworthy. This site-specific work combines materials found on the surrounding land (a felled-eucalyptus tree and clay) in a former munitions depot. This installation evokes senses of sight, smell, touch…the feeling of the material is present in the space. This installation reminds me of the sensations I experienced in the Stave churches in Norway, which are dark and smell richly of tar. Tree Fall envelops the senses, making this is worth a city day-trip. And if you are feeling active, go visit Spire and Wood Line, also in the Presidio.

Tree fall, 1

Tree Fall, 22

Tree Fall 2

Detail of the drying clay.

Detail of the drying clay.

Andy Goldsworthy at work on Tree Fall.

Andy Goldsworthy at work on Tree Fall.

David Bjørngaard, September 2014

Photos from For-Site

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