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Art House

I was in love with this art-filled home from Tristan Auer the instant I saw it. First, there are things which I prefer, such as the natural oak parquet floors, the neon lighting, the dentil crown molding, the contrast of light/dark, and the Parisian flair. The deeper appeal is the casual living which the space encourages, in spite of the fact that the home is filled with art. The home feels relaxed, and is stylish. This is a great combination, and can be hard to achieve.  Here are a couple of tricks to make it easier.

living room

The geometric pieced-rug  pulls this grouping of furniture together, and adds LOTS of design interest. You could do this by combining several inexpensive area rugs. And I love the neon art.

view to dining room

View to the kitchen. If you like art, collect it, and integrate it into your living space. Art doesn’t have to be in a museum.


The kitchen eating area is a mix of materials: a tree stump table; leather and metal B&B Italia chairs; rubber pendants, and video and ceramic art. The furniture itself is art.

living room2

Make your television disappear by painting the back of the bookcase black. Not only will you appear smarter, but you’ll SEE your pieces of design and art! It is easier to mix furniture styles when the color palette is consistent.

living room3

dining room2

Play with geometric shapes. The dining room’s hexagon table has a current vibe, and contrasts well with the shapes of the chandelier and artwork. Believe me when I say that circles & squares work as a design theme!

dining room

The color palette of white, grey and black is effective, almost a no-brainer, especially when you add some pops of color. The metal frame door is great!


Break out of the white-grey-black routine with a hint of color. Here the grey-purple is calming. I love the wrapping around headboard, but you probably already knew that!


Utilize the odd niche in a room with a built-in day bed. Your home will feel more inviting, and you’ll find time to relax, time to read.


The cut-pattern stone is the art in this bathroom, and the black detailing is the accent – like a frame on a photograph – needed to bring the space to life. The black cuts the sophistication of the space.


A custom sink is beautiful if you can afford it. If not, the contrast of neutral sink/black vanity is attainable to all of us who know how to handle a paint brush.

David Bjørngaard, October 2014

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