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I’ve been thinking about denim a lot lately. It’s now a big part of my life. On a “stupid” level, I wear jeans all the time: to meetings with a smart jacket, on the weekends when meeting friends, out dancing…yeah, almost everyday. Occasionally I am reminded of the design potential of denim.

Years ago, as a young gay designer, I came across this image in the house of Hubert de Givenchy, and it seared itself into my brain. How chic is the use of denim table cozy! How unexpected and practical! I have often referred back to this image when thinking about design.

Denim covers a table on the porch, which is decorated with birds by Alberto Giacometti.

Denim covers a table on the porch to protect it from Swallows, which in turn is decorated with birds by Alberto Giacometti.

denim detail

Luckily the image brought me to search out more of Givenchy’s interior design work, and I have not been disappointed. Givenchy it turns out is one of the few fashion designers worth looking at for traditional, understated interiors that showcase architecture and art. While a departure from the contemporary interiors which I love and share with you here often, I have learned a lot from the great sense of proportion, materiality, and editing in Givenchy’s homes. Here is a view to Givenchy’s studio, where he found inspiration for his art.  I hope that you enjoy.

living room 8

Givenchy’s first floor studio.

.living room 12


Let’s face it: this is a messy organized desk. Givenchy made the Fernand Léger inspired decoupage on the walls.

living room 5

Details such as the scallop-base run through the house and studio, varying in scale. This leitmotif acts to unify the elements, providing a sense of calm to the space.

living room 11

Sponge inspired by Yves Klein.

Sponge inspired by Yves Klein.


living room 13

David Bjørngaard, December 2014


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