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This Paris home by Tristan Auer is the perfect blend of casual and elegant, mid-century antiques and modern, spare and meticulously detailed. Not everything is precious, but everything is sculptural, intentional and quiet.

The exposed beam in the living room provides the starting point for all the other wood accents in the living room, and recognizes this provides clarity. The pop of red brings give the room some energy.

Tristan Auer, living Room detail

The detailing of the bookcase and door casing are amazon, each set back inches from the wall plain. And the designers eye lined the rug up with something…here the edge of the walkway from the bedroom door.

Skylights provide plenty of light in this minimal kitchen, with a window to the living room providing the view.

Tristian Auer, bedroom

In comparison to the coolness of the living areas, the bedrooms have warmth and intimacy, with plenty of built-ins. Here the door to the bathroom integrates seamlessly with the wall of closets.

A mirror slides into position in front of the sink, revealing a medicine cabinet behind. The sink vanity is similar to the dining table in simplicity.

Tristian Auer, bathroom detail

Great detailing includes the evenness of the light, and alignment of mirror and sink.



David Bjørngaard, April 2015



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