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Shelton Mindel

You will often hear me say “let’s get the architecture right”. Once the bones of an interior are strong, providing a sense of order, rhythm, function, then the more decorative aspects of movable belongings can happen. The interior becomes the stage, or film set {if you will indulge my background} for life. One of the modernist firms that gets this right is Shelton Mindel in New York. The interiors they design are clean, well detailed, and provide a stage for great art, antiques and furniture to shine. The color palette is usually very restrained, with a few pops of color. I’ve been following their work for years, paying attention to detailing, materiality and space planning.

Shelton Mindel living room 2Shelton Mindel dining roomShelton Mindel stairs 2

This New York apartment is a good example of their work. Architectural gestures, such as the floating stairs and hidden televisions, animate the space; storage is built-in, creating a greater sense of space {a precious commodity in city living}; volumes are sheathed in different materials, thereby alleviating the tedium of all white walls; and order is created with Classical alignment and uninterrupted sight-lines.

Family Room with built-in bookcase/television cabinet.

Upstairs Family Room with built-in bookcase and television cabinet.

Henry Prober console in the entry.

Harvey Probber console in the entry. Notice how the stair float, letting light pass through.

A common thread of Shelton Mindel’s work is the use of mid-century modern furniture. Names that consistently come up are Mies, Saarinen, Poulsen, Bertoia, Prouve, Knoll. Looking has been a primer on how a certain segment of the elite want to live.

Shelton Mindel kitchen

I like how the screen hides the television.

Notice how the screen hides the television.

David Bjørngaard, May 2015



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