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Connecting and working with talented individuals is one of the highlights of my job.   Local crafts people and artists have a thoughtful perspective on design, and they help create objects that are both more meaningful and fully realized.  International designers often have a different cultural perspective, a different aesthetic framework, yet it is exciting to see that many of us are working on projects that emphasize the same core values: using traditional techniques, sustainable materials, and cutting edge designs. I recently meet Nani Marquina, a talented designer and founder of the eponymous firm which creates and explores ideas surrounding rugs. Here are a few of my takeaways from our meeting.

Rugs define a room, creating atmosphere and emotion.  Rugs provide the foundation of a room, while adding warmth, color and comfort. Bohemian. Tailored. Artistic. A rug suited to your personality and taste really can provide a transformative experience to your space, expressing your personality. A thoughtfully selected rug transforms an existing room, making your existing furniture look new.

Lattice inspired rugs work great in this wood lined house. This would fit in so well here with the Bay Area design tradition.

Lattice inspired rugs work great in this wood lined house. I like the flat weave technique (similar to Scandinavian rugs), so appropriate for the Bay Area design tradition.

Collaboration yields striking results. Through a range of collaboration with designers such as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec  and Ron Arad, the company is pushing experimentation of textures, shapes and materials. Carpets are being pieced together, or woven in irregular shapes. Traditional carpet designs are being incorporated into color blocked designs. Scale and proportion are being explored. Shapes are being examined with thoughtfully contemporary results.

Nani Marquina Losanges designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. #bjornstudio

Losanges designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Sustainable and sometimes surprising materials are being used to make rugs. Wool, silk and jute are all naturally biodegradable materials traditionally used to make rugs, and each has its own inherent aesthetic and performance quality. Mohair, nettle, felt add to the range of textures and performance.

Nani Marquina's naturally weathered wool rug adds warmth and depth to this country bedroom.

A naturally weathered wool rug adds warmth and depth to this country bedroom.

Non-traditional materials are now being used in rug making. Experimentation with the different textures and performance features reveal the innate characteristics of a material, yeilding the best rugs possible. Here rubber tires are used to create a textural rug, perfect for an art gallery or to provide sound insulation in a large office space.

Nani Marquina Bicicleta Rug. #bjornstudio

Nani Marquina Bicicleta Rug

Nani Marquina's rugs are all made India, supporting traditional industries. #bjornstudio

These rugs are all made in India, supporting traditional industries.

Rugs aren’t just for floor anymore, or should I say once again. Castles and chateaus in Europe are draped with beautiful and practical wall tapestries. Not only does hanging a rug reveal their artistry, but they can also provide insulation and reduce noise transfer.  Wouldn’t this be a cool idea for a media room wall, a non-living wall.

Nani Marquita's Little Field of Flowers rug add dimension and texture to this cafe, absorbing sound.

Little Field of Flowers add dimension and texture to this cafe wall, absorbing sound.

Rugs can also be used as a base material, like a fabric to upholster furniture.

Nani Marquina. #bjornstudio

Here two rug designs are used as upholstery.

Rugs add texture and dimension to a room. No longer restricted to flat cut or loop pile, rug designers are exploring with texture, length and materiality yielding striking results.

Nani Marquina. #bjornstudio

A raised cut pile rug inspired by African design patterns.

Round and organically shaped rugs are in. Easy to add to a room, shaped rugs can define a dining area or accent a kids play room, being either serious or playful.

Nani Marquina. #bjornstudio

A Stone rug adds interest in this hotel room.

Nani Marquina. #bjornstudio

Two round rugs define seating areas in this lobby. You can utilize the same idea in an open plan living area.

Finally, here are a few other rugs by Nani that I love.

Nani Marquina's Tres rug combines design and weaving techniques into one rug.

This rug combines design and weaving techniques into one rug.

Nani Marquina's Jie rug design channels Japanese textile design

Nani Marquina’s Jie rug design channels Japanese textile design

Nani Marquina Do-Lo-Rez Rug Blue Lifestyle. #bjornstudio

Transform you office with a color blocked rug.

I love the textural quality of this Nani Marquita woven rug. #bjornstudio

The simplicity and textural quality of this woven rug and warmth to this room.

I hope you are inspired.

David Bjørngaard, October 2016


{Images from the www and  Nani Marquita}

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