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Snapshot 26

If you attended the Fog Fair last week, you most likely noticed three works by the Dutch duo that makes up Studio Drift:  Shylight and In 20 Steps at Pace Gallery, and Fragile Future at Carpenter Workshop Galleries.  These two designers are working to create site-specific installations and interactive sculptures that deal with space and light, utilizing an understanding of geometries and movement in the natural environment paired with the latest in technology and craft. This is worth checking out.

I first noticed Skylight  in a video of the installation at the Rijksmuseum. Mimicking the metamorphosis of flowers from day to night, this is a dynamic interpretation of lighting, which are normally static in the form of stationary pendants or chandeliers.  I think this is perfect for a temporary installation or public space…a little bit goes a long way.

Shylights+Rijksmuseum Skylight detail Skylight

In 20 Steps expresses the movement and “ultimate freedom of flight” in brass and glass, LED and microchips. Simple elements become dynamic, and capture light as the sun sets.

In 20 Steps, by Studio Drift, 4  In 20 Steps, by Studio Drift

In 20 Steps, by Studio Drift, detail


My favorite, perhaps the most easily integrated into the above-average home, is Fragile Future. I love that dandelions were hand-picked, with their seeds individually glued to LED lights, becoming something both fragile and exquisite. Perhaps I just remember playing with dandelions as a boy.

Fragile Future, Studio Drift, chandelier Fragile Future, Studio Drift, installation shot Fragile Future, Studio Drift, table lamp

Finally, I love this delicate momento Dandelight…a bell jar dandelion light operated with a 9 volt battery. Steampunk chic.

Fragile Future, Studio Drift, curiosity

David Bjørngaard, January 2017

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