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4 Month Makeover

With plans in place and a bold vision, we transformed a mid-Century architectural gem, pulling it into the 21stCentury. With a few decisive strokes, we opened up the interior, repurposed rooms, clarified the design where it was muddled, and unified the progression of spaces using materials, color and art.

 Refine. Not all of our moves are drastic, but the results can be dramatic. Playing off the homeowners photography collection, we created a clear black and cream color palette. The refinished floors were stained an ebony finish, and the dark stair runner provides texture and depth.

A restored area rug and Gio Ponti chairs share the entry. All “after” photography by Aaron Rouse.

Remove. Sometimes our work starts with bold moves. Here a massive fireplace was removed, combing an underused office and a small kitchen. The kitchen, now greatly expanded, is the place for this family to gather.

We added a pendant by SkLO to defining the dining area. The Cassina 412 Cab are extremely comfortable – a must for long dinners – and add that pop of color.

Reuse. We utilized much of the existing kitchen island’s cabinets, reconfiguring storage to suit new needs. We added a cantilevered countertop to expand the prep area. The expanded seating provides enough room for all the kids. This minimal cost makeover allows for family to gather for breakfast or regroup between zoom meetings and classes.

New countertops plus a coat of paint were a quick way to update this kitchen.

Repurpose. I find that many of my clients seldom use their formal dining rooms today. If this is true with your family, consider adding additional purpose, or simply decide to repurpose the room. Here a centrally located dining room was transformed into a family/media room, a place for all to gather to watch a movie or play games around the big table. This truly is the heart of the home now.

A view from the living room. Existing furnishings from a former home and new pieces mix with ease.
More Bocci lights…here as pendants.

Transform. OK, I’ll just let the before and after photos speak for themselves. The clients did as for a miracle!

The lovely Scottish rose! Here a Timorous Beasties wallpaper (which I fell in love with while in Scotland) brings color and drama to this powder room. A teak vanity hides essential storage, while a Silestone countertop means no fuss or worries with kids or guests.

Contemplate. Especially within larger spaces, separately defined zones are essential, be it to read a book, take a call, do emails, or attend a zoom class. Small corners can expand the use of each room, adding an intimate touch.

Here a purple velvet lounge chairs offers a quiet space…often important but unattainable in big families!

Define. Light furnishings and rugs demarcate zones within larger rooms, providing both intimacy and openness. Accent colors are used to define rooms and connect adjacent spaces.  

Blue Fortuny pillows and a tan Mies van der Rohe Barcelona sling stool connect with the entry.

Interiors and art. The soul of a home is expressed by the inhabitants and often their art.  In this house, we used art to define rooms, connect spaces, and create more intimate moments. 

Le Corbusier’s LC1 Sling chair holds court.

Reflect. Part of our way of connecting space is the liberal use of mirrors. When used properly, they offer insight into adjacent spaces, pulling colors and textures into frame of view. Mirrors can also be just mirrors, providing a chance to check your outfit before heading out the door.

The kitchen and living room are seen from the entry.

David Bjørngaard, November 2020

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All “after” photography by Adam Rouse Photography.

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