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Spring Fever

Spring fever is in the air right now as we prepare to gather with friends and family. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your garden and enhance your enjoyment of the coming gatherings.  

Classic Richard Schultz for Florence Knoll design doesn’t distract from the interiors nor the garden.

Your style.  Use of a favorite color – repeated in furnishing, flowers, shrubs, and trees – imprints your personality on the exterior. This is your garden, and your house rules. Consider how materials and colors relate from the inside to the garden, as this blurs boundaries and makes a smaller space feel grand.  Use color and seating arrangements to lead your eye across your yard, adding points of interest to entice you and your friends to linger.     

Use existing focal points, perhaps a fireplace or shaded arbor, to ground your furnishing.
Exterior pavers leads right into this entry, connecting the front and back gardens for a seamless transition.

Customize retail.  Consider clever hacks to store bought items.  Add cushions, paint a chair, add a custom base.  This will make your space unique, providing a cohesive look intentionally tailored to your style. It also helps to create a timeless feeling, as if the space evolved over time.  It’s best to contrast materials if you cannot match and consider seat heights so that everyone is on the same level.   

As this sofa is lower than the Janus Et Cie easy chairs, we custom designed a concrete base to put everyone on the same level.

 Durability. Consider buying quality while choosing materials that will naturally withstand the elements. With the right material selection, you won’t have to worry about damp bathing suits or falling leaves.  Advances in materials means that there are there are luxurious upholstery fabrics and rugs that can be used both indoors and out.  And if you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance, consider powder coated metals, or use materials such as teak that can be left to grey naturally.

Powder coated metal combined with teak and mesh seating is a perfect, easy to clean combination that will weather beautifully.
Outdoor fabrics and rug make this interior family room welcoming to both damp bathing suits and wine.

Day and Night.  Consider how a space will be used day and night.  Consider shade and sun during the day, plus wind conditions, offering variety when available.  Adding umbrellas for shade will make the midday sun tolerable. Tucking lounge chairs behind a low landscape wall to hold off the wind while soaking in the sun rays will help to keep at bay the afternoon fog. A layer of portable solar lanterns will soften evening light and enhance dinner with friends.  

This sheltered soaking tub protects from the wind while soaking up the sun.

Frame views. As we most often enjoy the outdoors from the inside, a little planning will make your view more pleasant.  Hide the recycling behind trees and shrubs, or strategically locate a garden bench within view of the kitchen window.  And even if you don’t have a garden, a perfectly chair or built-in window seat will enhance your enjoyment of the nature right outside your door.  You may find out how much you enjoy watching the garden grow.

A modern bay window provides a quite spot to read while taking in the garden.
Not a bad place to work.

David Bjørngaard, April 2021

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