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Snapshot 26

If you attended the Fog Fair last week, you most likely noticed three works by the Dutch duo that makes up Studio Drift:  Shylight and In 20 Steps at… Read more »

Snapshot 25

Design is about turning fantasy into reality, dreams into inhabitable spaces. The work comes from turning ideas into something that can be built. As summer came, I tasked myself… Read more »

Light Fantastic

This past week I ran into Leo Villereal’s work at every turn. On a break from work, I saw a great show at Jessica Silverman/fused space gallery. Watching the Super… Read more »

Snapshot 24

A fixture of Bay Area art for decades, David Ireland lived the life he preached, turning his house at 500 Capp Street into a living sculpture. Ideas of impermanence,… Read more »

Snapshot #20

I’m a fan of this commercial carpet from Ege, which shows the full range of possibilities being produced in the commercial carpet world. The advances in technology are… Read more »


Materiality is the star at the new Windhover Contemplative Center at Stanford University, by Aidlin Darling Design and Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture. Rammed earth, stained oak, glass, river… Read more »

Snapshot #19

I now realize that I am stain glass obsessed! (See Snapshot #3) Not 1970’s hippie stained glass that we still see sometimes in this part of the world, but… Read more »

Snapshot #17
Ricketts Indigo

As the “makers” movement spreads, not only are neighborhoods and jobs created, but traditional crafts are being revitalized. I’m really excited about this. Working on high-end interiors has… Read more »

Snapshot #15

Do you aspire to a flat with loft-style bare brick walls or wood cladding reminiscent of Alpine chalets, but you live in a dull urban apartment? It’s easy to… Read more »

Snapshot #14

Recently when I was going through the chores of my work day, I stumbled across hand-made quilts which both amazed and inspired me as a designer. Part of the shock was… Read more »

Snapshot #13

Sol LeWitt’s works so well in the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague. The graphic and conceptual dimension of the art work compliments the architecture, as they each speak a language of the grid defined by a specific set of… Read more »

Snapshot #12

Here is a good excuse to get to the Presidio, one of San Francisco’s treasures, this September to enjoy the beautiful weather: Tree Fall by artist Andy Goldsworthy. This site-specific… Read more »

Snapshot #8

Sean and I are back from our amazing trip to the Mediterranean.  So many inspiring images to share with you. The one recurring image which I come back… Read more »

Snapshot #7

I’m bringing back the “Snapshot” posts…a quick look at something that interests me in design now. (Really there’s no excuse for not doing this every Tuesday, as everyday… Read more »

Snapshot #6

It’s hard to imagine that a facade like this can create such an uproar amongst architects and designers (I know a lot of you might think it is… Read more »

Snapshot #4

Swarovski crystals, LED lights, and gravity.  These three components come together in Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s new chandelier in the Gabriel Staircase at Château de Versailles. The 800 Swarovski crystals reference history,… Read more »

Snapshot #3

  I have been thinking lately about how we live in traditional spaces. Do we merely replicate the styles of the past, or do we incorporate aspects of… Read more »

Snapshot #2

This private dining alcove at Monsieur Bleu restaurant at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, is casual, luxurious and very modern. It doesn’t hurt that the space started with… Read more »

Snapshot #1

I’m starting a serial post on Tuesdays of inspiring images. This series will provide a snapshot of what interests me at any given point in time. Why Tuesdays?… Read more »

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