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Alexander McQueen

I am currently reading “Alexander McQueen: The Life and the Legacy”. The stories remind me that design is something that is nurtured within ourselves and supported by good friends, and that great design comes from three things: cultivating, curating and critiquing ideas. We need to follow our own path, with passion. When we can do these things, we can create our own unique vision, and create a more lovely world.

To capture the success of Alexander McQueen’s prolific but short-lived life, home furnishing store The Rug Company has collaborated to provide a range of rugs, tapestries and pillows for your home. These can be viewed locally at HEWN SF. These decorative items are really beautiful in person, and could easily be the inspiration for your next renovation! Also check out the newly opened Alexander McQueen store on Geary.

“Birds in flight fascinate me. I’m inspired by a birds…color, its graphics, its weightlessness, and its engineering. In fact, I try to transpose the beauty of a bird to a woman.”  Alexander McQueen

David Bjørngaard, January 2014

(P.S. “Alexander McQueen: The Life and the Legacy” is a little bit of a dull read for such a brilliant designer. If you are looking for a really good fashion read, pick up a copy of The Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and the Glorious Excess in 1970’s Paris. This is everything that a book about fashion designers should be: inspiring, gossipy, and pure genius explained with some vigor and passion.

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