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Fog Fair 2020

As we enter 2020, I know that I am fortunate to work with clients, architects and contractors whom embrace original, intentionally detailed interiors which become showplaces for living. I am lucky also to know a great deal of gallery dealers, crafts people and artist whom I rely on to make stellar interiors.  

A corner of our dining room in San Francisco, with artwork from Jessica Silverman Gallery, vintage chair from Almond & Co, and custom table and bench by Bjørn Design executed by talented local crafts people.

This weekend is a great opportunity to meet some of my favorite resources at Fog Design+Art Fair in San Francisco, a showcase for some of the best artists and designers working today. You will also get to view a few of the current favorites of the taste makers. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ryan McGinley’s photograph at Raio 3, with color wall accent in distance. Color is a great way to connect art in space, and create a sense of rhythm…poetry.
A lovely, quiet composition at the fair.
Color is used to showcase the texture of these amazing pieces.
Dan Flavin, a true original.
Multi-talented Yto Barrda at Pace Gallery. I love the pairing of textures.
Ashley Hicks totems get super-sized, at R & Company.
Tables and bench, all fabricated from a single tree. Lovely.

San Francisco talent is on big display this year.

One booth showcases the work of John Dickinson, including an armoire that was recently up for auction. I was very lucky to have viewed these pieces many years ago in the firehouse that he converted into his home.
My alma mater me proud, with a stunning collection of furniture from current students and alumni. Go CCA!
A Robert Bechtle masterwork, Parking Garage with Impala, 1990, at Anthony Meier Fine Arts.
Made in Inverness.

Bjørn Design is proud to be a Fog Forum member, which benefits the SFMOMA’s Department of Architecture and Design. We’re also proud to advance great, original and detailed design, and to place artwork in all of our interiors.

A corner of a bathroom we designed, with a custom designed table with a David Simpson painting, on view at Haines Gallery.

David Bjørngaard, January 2020

Check out work from my day job, at Bjørn Design

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