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Making Room

Right now, as we are spending so much time inside with our families, our houses are starting to feel small. I feel your pain and want to help! Our current needs create an opportunity to rethink how we actually use spaces. Here’s a couple of ideas which may create a feel of spaciousness to your home.

Capture space around the perimeter of your home, and enjoy the view. Photo: Mariko Reed.

Window Seats. These are my favorite addition to any project. Whether wall-to-wall or inset in a bay, a window seat provides an intimate connection to the exterior and an alternate perspective within the interior space.

The below two images demonstrate a window seat expanding a small library to facilitate larger parties (remember those), but also providing an intimate perch to lounge away from the whole family.

Photo: Aaron Leitz Photography.

Multi-task. Now more than ever we are calling on our rooms to be multi-functional. Living rooms and dining rooms need to be our workplace, school and gym. The key is flexible seating areas to activate an entire space and provide opportunities to adjust these for use throughout the day. Smaller seating areas within a large room, even solo chairs, allow a comfortable ease in adaptable function while still supporting larger functions.

This dining room was configured to suit 1, 2 or 4 easily, and convert into a larger dinner party (when we can get back to that!). Photo: David Duncan Livingston
You would find me here reading, or even catching a nap. Photo: Mariko Reed.

Functional furniture. A cozy lounge chair in the living room… provides a space to nap, read, or Zoom. A beautiful cabinet… may provide a place to stash your printer for work or hide your yoga mats. A smart dining table… can discretely hide power/cable ports to easily adapt to a home office or remote classroom. 

Now is the time to think outside of the box and retrofit your home with a few smart purchases.

With one swivel, this Vitra chair provides visual and audio privacy within a larger space, while giving focus to the view.

Rethink spaces. Do you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used? Convert it into a home library for learning and work. Provide flexibility with sofa beds, or murphy beds.

Have an extra closet? Consider converting it into an home office.

An under used section this master closet was converted into a home office, easily sealed off from the rest of the house. An adjustable desk compliments the custom cabinets, which hide printer, scanner and shredder. Photo: Mariko Reed
View from the closet. Still plenty of storage. Photo: Mariko Reed.

David Bjørngaard, June 2020

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