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Fog Fair, Again

Color, texture, form, function and art play a role in all of the interiors we bring to life. Not only do we strive for interiors that reflect the essence of a place and the person inhabiting the home, but we also often express what we find significant in the currents of design, always in our own way. Fog Fair 2022 offered a glimpse at what is important in the art and design worlds today. 

A painterly tapestry softens the hard lines of an armchair.

The line between art and design is blurred often, with craft and artistry being employed by furniture designers to create expressive, fun functional furniture.  A sculptural table showcases the master genius of Zaha Hadid. 

Detail shot of “UltraStella” by Zaha Hadid at David Gill Gallery.
“Una Historia Filosófica De Los Jardines I” by Jie Wu at Gallery Fumi.

A playfulness is apparent in design, a welcome release from the seriousness of our two year pandemic. Amorphic, blob design and cartoonish sculpture and furniture were on display. R&Company showcase a series of mirrors, tables, a sofa and sculpture to inspire and boggle.

A furry Croissant Sofa/ Abstract Mirror and Tables by Rogan Gregory.

At this point, I am reminded of the collectors house party I attended, when half-way through the party he commented that many guests used the sculpture in the entry as a coat rack. Often the line between art and function blur, making us explore what the difference really should be.

Cult Aimee Friberg Exhibition.

Much of the fine art on display showcase texture and natural process, such as the movement of the ocean waves and drifting sand.

SiO2 vessel by Gareth Neal at Sarah Myerscough gallery

The curves of this hand crafted piece contrast with the natural movement of waves in this Cyanotype by Meghann Riepenhoff, below.

Detail shot of Ecotone714 by MeghannRiepenhoff.
David Nash sculpture at Haines Gallery.

The fair is a good opportunity to see classic iconic furniture up close and personal. 

Chandigarh armchair by Pierre Jeaneret
A contemporary coffee table coexists with mid-Century design.
Picasso collectable and attainable plates.
White Cube sculpture.

Art fairs aren’t just an abstract event that we experience passively. We often incorporate these ideas into our own work. Often we try to express our client’s sense of fun and their joy in life with carefully selected pieces, as in this custom-designed shearling covered bench in a client’s entry.

Artful furniture and photography in a space by Bjørn Design.

David Bjørngaard, January 2022

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